SUNDAY, APRIL 22, 2018
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Title: Thermal Application Engineer
Location: Fremont, CA
Direct Manager: Sr. Manager, West Region
Functional Manager: Vice President, Sales & Product Management
Job Summary: Support design and development of fan, fan tray and thermal management products. Provide the thermal solutions in the product systems for global OEM/ODM customers. Provide customers technical and engineering services. Coordinate activities and services with engineering and production functions. Assist customers with their design concepts and implement their designs using company’s design process to meet all mechanical, electrical, safety and thermal management solution requirements. Evaluate the system layout and power consumptions, airflow, acoustics and mechanical and thermal testing. Perform system and component level thermal analysis, definition, testing (including chamber test set up, thermocouple installation, data acquisition), thermal debug, system optimization and documentation. Work closely with company engineering and factory production and manufacturing personnel to develop quotations custom-tailored to meet customer requirement. Provide the engineering and technical support to the customers regarding all thermal management solution and quality assurance issues.
MS in Mechanical Engineering or Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering and 2 years experience in development of fan and thermal management products, including aerodynamic optimization, structure simulation analysis, thermal analysis and testing, OEM/ODM design, manufacturing.
Date Posted: 2/1/2018 11:55:14 AM