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Title: Industrial Engineer
Location: Fremont, CA
Direct Manager:
Functional Manager:
Job Summary: Carry out multiple solar inverter projects in our solar power business unit and devise control systems and methods for efficiently use of resources. Material planning and monitor the forecast accuracy and demand/supply reports provided by contract manufacturers to ramp up the production; monitor all budgeted program expenditures identify and evaluate the risks associated with program activities and take appropriate action to control the risks; work closely with Manufacturing, Production, Sales, Engineering, MIS and Marketing teams to ensure reduced cost and production lead time, to ensure that the right product is developed to meet or exceed the quality standard and meets deadlines; attend pre-sales meetings to resolve technical issues, O&M, reliability and product development; identify, evaluate, and recommend changes or improvements to sustaining manufacturing procedures, and logistics and provide analysis of risk reductions; lead and facilitate process improvement initiatives and develop the most cost efficient or productive way for processes; develop and analyze key performance metrics to identify opportunities for improvement and present operational strategy to executive management.
MS in Engineering Management with academic project or research focus on the risk management of green technologies, including ground source heat pump system and active chilled beams system.
Date Posted: 6/27/2017 11:22:56 AM